Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TOEFL Speaking Task 3

Tada! Hello once again, My name is M.Ara and previously, I have shared some strategies on how to get a better TOEFL score in the independent tasks of the Speaking Section.
Now, we are off to the first of the integrated tasks: The Announcement and the Conversation.
In this part of the test, you will first be asked to read a Reading passage about any topic on campus (No, NO NEED TO READ OUT LOUD).

When reading, take notes only of the topic and the main (yes just the MAIN) ideas.

Example: You have 45 seconds to read the passage

New Meal Plan Options

Students in the residence halls are not required to purchase the seven-day meal plan anymore. They now have two options. One is the traditional seven-day meal plan with three meals per day at $168 a month. The other option will be the new five-day meal plan which includes three meals from Monday-Friday at $120 a month. If students selects the five-day meal plan, they can still purchase meals on the weekend at $3 dollars per meal. Furthermore, the food court in the College Union will provide alternatives such as burgers, pizza, Chinese food, Mexican food, and salad bar.

Sample notes:

1. Topic of the reading passage? -> changes at the cafeteria meal plans

2. Main ideas? -> 7-day meal plan at $168; 5-day meal plan at $120 (can still buy food in the cafeteria and food court during weekends)

According to the announcement, students in the residence hall can now have two options in their meal plan. One is the seven-day meal plan and the other is the five-day meal plan. If the student chooses the 5-day meal plan, they can still purchase food at the cafeteria or at the food court during the weekends.

After the reading passage, you will be asked to listen to a conversation. Take notes of the speakers OPINIONS about the announcements.

DOWNLOAD SCRIPT (right click, save link as)

Woman's Opinion: likes the new meal plan
Her reasons
- food same old, same old
- doesn't go home much but eat out a lot during the weekends

Man's Opinion: glad about the options and already signed up for the 5-day meal plan
His reasons
- doesn't like to cook but doesn't like the cafeteria food all the time
- go home every other weekend, paying for meals he doesn't eat does not make any sense
- during the weekends, he plans to buy food at the cafeteria or go out with friends

Okay! So, at this point you will be shown the question for task 3. You will have 30 seconds to prepare your answer.

The man expresses his opinion of the new meal plan.Report his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for having that opinion.

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